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BREAKING NEWS**School Board votes to close Warren County schools for the eclipse.


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Jeff Barnes

Mornings (6 - 10am)

Jeff Barnes

About Jeff

Sign: Aries

Hometown: Warren Co.

Most embarrasing CD: Whodini. Wanna buy it?

CD Most Proud of: Led Zeppelin I

Ever eaten paste: Yes, it's delicious.

Say ABC's backwards: Sober?

Worst Habit: too much time on the Internet

Food that disgusts you: Brussel Sprouts.

Would I travel to another country: I hate flying.

If you life was a movie, it would be: Comedy.

Animal world could live without: Gary Busey

Dream car: Ferrari

Favorite video game: Atari Space Invaders

Sing in the Shower: Why? Were you listening?

მარიამ მიყვარხარ ჩემო პატარავ <3

მარიამ ვგიჟდები შენზე
mariam miyvarxar
მარიამ მიყვარხარ ვგიჟდები შენზე ჩემი ცხოვრება ხარ ჩემი პატარა ჩემი ფისუნია : გიორგის უყვარხარ სიხარულოო <3

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Five O'Clock Flashback

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